- Our Children are Our Greatest Investment -

"I have 7 grandchildren, here and in Oz, all go to after school care. I've visited them all. Yikes is on a whole other level again." - Grandparent

"Yikes is helping my student's learning journey. I've seen changes since my child

has attended." Former Teacher at Central School

Typical Email: "Thank you SO much for this wonderful opportunity for the kids. It's really awesome and M____ really enjoyed her first day with you doing the obstacle course"

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YIKES stands for Youth and Kids Engaged in Enterprising Skills.

We have several venues in Nelson and Richmond including: Roadhogs Indoor Minigolf, Nelson Central School, Auckland Point School and Victory Primary School.We provide after school care at each of these locations and holiday programmes based at Nelson Central School.

We want to be an extension of home for all our children, a place they enjoy coming to and feel comfortable enough to chill out or  participate in a group activity or engage in their own project.

Our programme is balanced, we don't just focus on one field like sports because our children aren't all sporty or they may feel like sports one day and just playing with friends the next. We provide choice: club activities or independent spaces.

You'll see in our vision we offer great opportunities but it's the simple things we are passionate about. Kiwi kids having fun and  feeling carefree which really does produce happy, well-rounded adults.

Our vision is in our name - youth & kids engaged in enterprising skills. 

Not only do we want to provide a safe environment after school and in the holidays we want to provide children with opportunities to excel in the kiwi experience - feeling like childhood is carefree and you can hang out with your neighbours who are your mates.

After school care and holiday programmes are the kids new neighbouhoods now that we have lost that in our suburbs.

Maximise. Enterprise. Realise.

We believe if we put opportunities before the children that will maximise on their individuality then enterprise flows out of that and our desire is it will take them closer to their dreams and that is the "Realise" part of our vision.

Some opportunities we provide are entrepreneurship, art/design, skill development with local talent who are sports reps in our region and multimedia opportunities like filmmaking and animations..

  • Open to all schools in Nelson, Richmond 

  • Free transport to venue

  • Winz subsidies

  • Light afternoon tea

  • ​Homework assistance

  • Outdoor excursions

  • ​Sports

  • Art and Design

  • ​Enterprise

  • ​Craft

  • ​Baking

  • Sewing

  • ​MultiMedia 

  • Swimming in summer

  • Leadership opportunities for older children

  • Pathway to after school work

  • Literacy support