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Complaints Process

If you have a complaint there is a process to follow. Please do not approach our staff members unless asking how to submit a complaint. Do not "standover" our staff in a threatening manner, please do not attack our staff particularly our young staff. We have a right to terminate your child's enrolment if we deem a parents behaviour too difficult to continue a reasonable relationship.

We appreciate there may be legitimate concerns or complaints that need to be heard.

Please ask if the supervisor is available to talk at that moment. If not, then please make an appointment. Do not take your complaint to our other staff. Or you can email your complaint to our director at or fill in the following form. We always take personal responsibility for any area that we may not have maintained our top standard. We always aim to resolve all negatives positively as much as possible.

If your complaint is of a child abuse nature then you can contact the police.

Our desire is to address complaints in a mutually respectful way.

We will respond to complaints within 3 business days.

Thanks! Message sent.

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