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Our Story

Hi my name is Tania and I started Yikes. I call it "our story" because without a lot of dedicated people behind the scenes there would be no "My Story". But "My Story" with Yikes started when I was working in a local school environment and I would see children who had been at school all day, getting picked up by a local after school care agency. These kids would line up waiting for the carers to go to the programme. Not just as an educator but as a mother of four I was concerned because I saw the ones picking up the kids had a slack attitude and a lack of care. Back then there wasn't a big choice of childcare providers. So that was my motivation to do something myself. (I am pleased to say that I find there are plenty of providers in Nelson now and from my viewpoint all are providing an excellent standard of care.)


So I approached the principal about starting up an after school programme onsite with two motivations: 1] to solve my concerns around the standard of care, by providing a high standard of care and professionalism and

2]  offering access to new technology as that was my field of expertise in primary aged education.


To be honest it was only going to be an extra arm of work to my existing role. I had no idea at the time of the demand and need in our community for after school care and holiday programmes. Parents are working longer hours with less holidays it would seem. We now live in an economic climate where two incomes are almost a necessity. Two other schools approached me about bringing our programme onto their school.


As a team we are dedicated to providing opportunities and a nurturing environment.

We want to see your child flourish and have opportunities put before them that develop their creativity or stretch their development. We are sensitive to each child's personal needs and don't try to lump everyone into the same basket.


I endeavour to find staff who carry the same vision and heart for your child that I do.

We would love to see your child join us before or after school and in the holidays, and we can guarantee a happy child at the end of the day.


It is my belief that our children are our greatest investment


Tania O'Meagher

Director - Yikes

My husband Brett and I at Marahau (local) beach with our four children.

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