Consumer to Creator Workshops
  • Photography workshops with exhibition on the Friday
  • Art workshops with exhibition on the Friday
  • Kidpreneur workshops creating your own microbusiness for market on Friday

Why Kidpreneurship in our programme?

Financial literacy is on the agenda of our primary school curriculum but there is no across the board implementation of this yet.

We provide this in our holiday programme through our children running their own micro business at the childrens market.

Before this we offer a two hour fun session which is interactive, thought provoking and introduces the children to the idea of autonomy and self-governance through having a plan and implementing it. Learning to discern whether the effort is worth the results and the first steps of financial literacy. Every attendee receives a certificate.

Please note: we simplify the session for 5-7 year olds. They won't feel like they are in a classroom they will have lots of fun but learn some concepts along the way - learning through fun.


Tuesday 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th January 2018

What is a consumer? What is a creator?

Choose your group - art, photography or business

 Dreambook - what are your dreams? Can you get there?

What does having your own business mean? Different concepts: product/services; creating a job or creating financial freedom.

10.30am Developing your business idea with a buddy or on your own. (Yikes provides opportunities for shy children)

Brianstorm session/planning

11am Morning tea

11.15am Planning and discussion on marketing - how can people hear about our business.

11.30am Start creating your stalls artwork and signage and any advertising material. Finish at home and bring on Friday.

12pm Lunch break

Then games and carry on with stall

1pm- Pick up time.

Friday 12th, 19th, 26th January and 2nd February

9.30am Set up your stall or exhibition

11am to 1pm Sell your product or promote your services. Or your work will be on display.

We have minders on hand to mind your stall when you want to explore the market and enjoy the games. 

We partner with Babyjewels Childrens Market

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