Fun with Filming & Journalism at After School

We have some new options at Yikes After School this term with a very talented lady - Patsy Burke.
Patsy has the skills and ability to develop teams of journalists and film-makers at Yikes. Not only do the kids have fun but they are actively engaged in writing skills, reading, leadership, thinking and planning skills!
Let's hear from Patsy:

Awakening the Rangatahi was a film project that I co-produced and entered into a film competition. We won first runner up in the two categories’ the film was nominated for, at the awards ceremony in Wellington 2013. Creating the film and engaging in the film making process inspired me to tell the stories of future generations of young people actively inspiring other generations of young people in the Nelson community. This was an excellent and exciting film project to have been involved in.
Last year I completed a course and graduated with a Diploma in The Creative Writing Industries.  I am very passionate and enthusiastic about learning, exploring and teaching the creative industries of storytelling, digital design, photography, film making, animation, music, dance, drama and the performing arts that is developing in the environment that I am a part.