YIKES: Youth & Kids Engaged in Enterprising Skills
Holiday Programme time again. Click on Image for more details re July Hols:

 SILENT MOVIE THURSDAYS! Each term we are going to develop a silent movie project on Thursdays. We'll be discussing how the movie makers communicated with no talking, how they made it interesting even though it was black and white etc and then produce our own. FUN!......will post when our own productions come online! For now enjoy Charlie Chaplin:

Hi I'm Tania, YikesNelson director. YIKES stands for Youth and Kids Engaged in Enterprising Skills. Primarily we are about providing a nurturing homelike after school care environment.We are OSCAR & CYFS certified. And WINZ subsidies are available. Yikes is also about  developing relevant skills that our kids will use everyday in their futures. But the learning journey has to be fun and engaging! Our homework segment in the After School Care programme uses fun software to assist their learning and presentation of their work. We also have the talents and services of a trained teacher aide to assist with homework.   The holiday programme introduces the young ones to a myriad of tools and skills which can be incorporated in their school lives. It's not all about sitting at a computer, activities include learning the piano, tutoring from an art/design graduate, dance  and movie making activities.  All our staff are police vetted & well trained.  I am a local businesswoman,mother of 4 and work as ICT support at Nelson Central School. We look forward to seeing you. Kind Regards, Tania.